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It is SUMMERTIME and the livin' is easy!  I do not know how, but my schedule has all of the sudden become jammed packed with getaways, vacations and beach celebrations.  I am NOT complaining, but it has made me make a short list of my go-to items that I toss in my suitcase to pack quickly and be ready for any trip.  

This is one of my go-to outfits that makes it in every packed bag.  This dress is so easy to toss on and accessorize accordingly.  On my last trip I wore it with this cute hat from Janessa Leone and an easy crossbody from Botkier, to breakfast, and then went back to the room, ditched the jewels, swapped out the crossbody for my pool bag and wore it straight to the pool.  The key to packing is bringing pieces you can wear to multiple occasions.  Hats are also great for this, and we have the perfect assortment of them for you to shop here!  They can pull together a rolled out of bed head of hair and then shade your face from the sun. 

Photos by Jodee Debes 

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