Golden hour, as I have learned, is that golden hued time right before the sun sets.  But, this also happens to be the time of day when I need my second coffee or a glass of vino, depending on the how long my day was.  This is one of my favorite toss on and grab a cup of coffee outfits.  And when I am really in a bit of a rush, I throw my hair in a low knot and add some chic accessories to pull it together.  

 I wanted to add harsh black pieces to contrast with the white top and really give it a pop.  These Quay sunglasses are really cool because they are a matte black finish which gives them a little texture as well.  The black handbag is from one of my new favorite designers Naked Vice- an Australian brand that we are the first in the US to carry.  The pony hair contrast gives it some additional texture as well (in case you can’t tell, I am all about that texture!).  And lastly I tossed on my Cluse Watch.  If you have not yet heard about Cluse, get ready to be obsessed.  They have the best styles and are so reasonable priced!  I really don’t know if I have gone a day without wearing mine since I got it. 


Street style photos by: Jodee Debes Photography


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