Whenever I pack for a vacation I think to bring my bathing suit, sunglasses, sun screen, but I often forget to pack outfits to run around in in-between the beach and dinner outfits. This has become one of my go-to outfits to toss in my bag.  This Janessa Leone straw hat is a must, no matter where the destination.  It is perfect for the beach, but also for any daytime activities, whether it is super sunny or a bit hazy.  And don't forget a small bag that is good for holding all your necessities but smaller than the everyday bag you lug around.  This Naked Vice bag is perfect for just that, and it goes with everything! Lastly, I always bring a watch.  I like to know what time it is quickly and not be checking my phone every two minutes when on vacation.  



Photography by Jodee Debes 

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